Warthog Vs Wild Dogs (Crocodile)

On November 9, 2013 by Tim Newman

Warthog Vs Wild Dogs And Crocodile


Another battle in Africa‘s wilds to take your mind off the cut and thrust of modern life in the West.

Here a mighty warthog stands, ankle deep in a muddy pond, facing some wild dogs. The wild dogs don’t seem all that interested in eating him, he does have dangerous tusks and all that but I reckon there’s plenty enough of them to overpower him if the notion took them. But something is keeping them at bay. Something unseen…

It’s as if the wild dogs have sensed the approach of an altogether more ancient force. The type of force that strikes from below. The sort of power that is as patient as it is strong.

The mighty crocodile.

Warthog Vs Wild Dogs - Happier days

The warthog is oblivious to the silent watery killer, despite it nestling at his rear in plain sight for minutes. The dogs look wary and they’re in no rush to warn warty either. Perhaps they’re hoping for a tasty tidbit after the main event, or perhaps they’re as clueless as him? The dogs do seem to realise something is afoot though, don’t you think?

It’s a cool video. If a little dark. But that’s life kids.



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