Loads Of Stuff Found on Mars Inc. Iguanas, Traffic Lights And Balls

On November 9, 2013 by Tim Newman

Mars - NASA - Rover - Lizard Found On Mars - Actual Igunana

Some of you who watch the Lazer Horse cloud more closely may be getting that tingle of de ja vu in your spleens. The precursor to this nonsense based article is here:

Lizard Found On Mars

So what’s new? Well, this time it’s a whole bunch of stuff that’s been found on mars, not a generic non-specific lizard. When I say ‘found’ I mean, someone’s found a picture of what looks like an iguana etc. on mars. Actually, to be really clear here: the mars Curiosity rover sent some pictures back to earth that have been poured over by many a man, and one of those men found a rock that he could convince himself was a petrified iguana.

Have a look for yourself. You will definitely be disappointed.



One thing that’s mega cool about NASA is that they’re happy to share their pictures around. If you want to trawl through their collection you can. Click here for NASA Curiosity Rover cameras pictures. And if you’re looking to really blow your mind there’s some zoomable panoramic photos from mars here: NASA Curiosity Rover Panoramic Shots.

Here’s one below that I cropped. Can you even believe this photo is taken on a red planet that’s more than 50 million km away. Yes, that’s 50 MILLION KILOMETRES away. That’s the equivalent of walking one kilometre 50 million times! Or, if you like, walking 50 kilometres a million times. Up to you.

Mars - NASA - Rover - Lizard Found On Mars - Panorama

Thanks NASA.

This grainy GIF is a composite of nine photos (digitally smoothed) showing the moon of Phobos crossing in front of Mar’s other moon Deimon. COOL.

Mars - NASA - Rover - Lizard Found On Mars - Phobos - 2 moons Crossing

If the image above isn’t working you can look at it on NASA’s site here.)

So what else is there other than a lovely lizard and an iguana? I’ll show you:

Traffic Lights

Traffic Light Found On Mars

A Ball

Ball Found On Mars

So, to end this as I began: No there isn’t a petrified lizard on mars. How do I know? I don’t. But I’m fairly sure. Why can’t people just enjoy the amazing things that Curiosity is showing us? There’s no need to start making things up it’s incredible as it is.

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