Cobra Vs Baby

On October 29, 2013 by Tim Newman

Snake Vs Baby

Who would win in a fight between a baby and a cobra? It seems like a no-brainer doesn’t it?: Cobras are poisonous, babies are useless and stupid.

In this instance, however, it doesn’t quite pan out like that. The baby does its stupid dithering about thing like babies do; grabbing at stuff and moving around like a sloth in a straight jacket. The snake does his thing too, he’s completely unimpressed by the baby grabbing at its tail so he has a go.

The clincher here is that the cobra has had its fangs removed as they often do in India. So all the poor reptile can do is headbutt the kid repeatedly. And the kid is not phased at all.

So it’s not a fair fight, but it’s a pretty weird thing to see. The disclaimer at the top says that the video is 18+ but don’t worry, it really isn’t, the baby doesn’t even whimper. The snake loses this battle, but the humans cheated:


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