Hippos Vs Crocodile

On September 6, 2013 by Tim Newman

Croc Vs Herd of Hippos 2

I’ve featured a lot of videos of different animals fighting over the last few months. Who do you reckon will win? A hippo vs a crocodile? Now if it was one hippo and one crocodile the answer might be trickier, but when it’s a whole heaving herd of hippos and one solitary croc the odds are stacked up heavily against the reptile.

I’m not sure where this video was taken (Africa somewhere obviously), but it stars a crocodile that has somehow wandered onto the wrong side of town. Apparently the crocodile receives a fatal bite and dies a little while after the video was taken. Sorry to spoil the ending.

Hippos kill about 3000 people in Africa every year so you should be cautious when offering them a biscuit. But to put that into context, texting whilst driving kills an estimated 6000 people in the US annually so the Hippos have some catching up to do.

If you like watching animals fight there’s a bunch of animal vs animal videos here for you.


Heres another video, this time it’s a bit fairer. It’s one on one with the hippo and crocodile. The hippo is just not phased at all.


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