Worst Youtube Singing Tutorials Ever

On September 1, 2013 by Tim Newman

Richard North Website Official Image Vocal Lesson

Having dinner with my family the other day, we found ourselves watching singing tutorials on Youtube, like you do. We were trying to explain falsetto singing to my sister-in-law, like you do. We came across the video below, I must admit it did not help a single tiny jot, she’s still none the wiser.

But on the positive side of the round robin, we all had a good old laugh at this guys expense, which I feel a bit guilty about, but not guilty enough to not show it to you all. After all, he did put it on Youtube and he is the worst singer ever.

He’s a guy called Richard North, singing isn’t his only skill, he has also mastered comedy and poetry among other wonders. But before you explore his other masterpieces let’s watch the video that introduced me to this power house:



See, good isn’t he? You can perhaps understand why we didn’t really get to the bottom of falsetto singing by watching that. No matter. A good belly laugh is better than knowledge any day(?) He obviously manages his comments below the video with an iron fist as the remaining handful that he hasn’t deleted are all of a positive bent which seems unlikely to be genuine. The only slightly negative comment that has been saved from his pruning goes like this:

I have no doubt that you are a talented man, but I hope you do realize that someday when you have children, they are going to look back at this video of you and laugh. Heartily.

True, true.

So we continued to look for funny vox clips and then we came across another complete doozy titled “6 octave vocal range demo”. Brought to us by Youtube user Tmmase, this is wonderful:



There you go. I hope that improves your singing technique. I think it just might.

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