Kangaroo Vs Dog

On August 31, 2013 by Tim Newman


Kangaroo vs dog

This Australian video has been doing the rounds recently. Most of the media descriptions of it, and the description given by the owner of the video and dog, describe the incident a bit like this:

the poor defenseless dog was nearly drowned by the kangaroo. Wow aren’t kangaroos evil.

Personally that seems a bit rich. Watch the video for yourself, the dog has clearly chased a terrified kangaroo waste deep into a pond where it can’t run any more. The dog is barking at the cornered roo and keeps on charging at it. The roo defends itself as best it can with its stupid stubby arms, trying to keep the carnivorous jaws away from it’s face. They would normally kick out with their powerful legs, their stick like arms are not for boxing.

And finally: the dog could run off at any point but he keeps going back for more. Poor kangaroo. The dog should be put down if you ask me.



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