A Couple Of Sunshine African Dance and Drum Videos

On August 10, 2013 by Tim Newman

Zimbabwe Borrowdale Dance Sukura

If you’ve got a bit of a sore head this morning. Here’s a couple of musical African videos that will force you to crack a smile through the clouds in your brain.

I saw this video on someone’s Facebook page the other day and it brought an instant grin to my sour chops. It’s a group of kids at school doing a cool little dance where their legs do most of the work. It’s like an African river dance but much, much cooler. There’s something about the sound of African music that makes my chest feel warm.

From the comments below the video it looks like they are in Zimbabwe, and the dance is called the borrowdale, named after a horse race in the area of the same name. It’s also known as the dance of the horse’s and is supposed to mimic the movements of race horse and rider. The music is sungura which is a genre that’s been popular in Zimbabwe since the 80’s.



Here’s some more Borrowdale for you:



The last video I have for you this sunny morning is some drummers in Rwanda. The video is shot in a village near the border of the Congo. It’s ultra cool.





WOMAD 2014: 숨[su:m]




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