Worst Horse Tattoos Ever X 1,000,000

On July 23, 2013 by Tim Newman

Awful horse tattoo  4

So, horse tattoos… the website’s called Lazer Horse for crying out loud, I should have produced a collection of horse tattoos months ago. I decided to collate some of the worst horse tattoos I could find, just for you.

There were plenty to choose from to be honest, the horse motif is very popular with humans, it seems. I suppose horses have played a huge role in human history. Without our equine companion, humanity would have taken a lot longer to spread itself across earth. A slower progress might have been better for the poor planet… but, oh well… hey ho.

Horse Tattoo Meaning

Horses helped Genghis Khan and the Mongolians forge their empire; they also assisted the Europeans in colonising the vast expanses of America. Actually, neither of those things were particularly good for the people who were being expanded into and over. Perhaps we shouldn’t revere the horse at all. Perhaps the horse is the harbinger of doom; the enabler of humanity’s power crazed intentions.

Horse tattoos are supposed to mean nobility, freedom, grace, strength, bravery, fertility, power, intelligence, beauty and companionship. It seems like they should actually represent violence, impending doom and imperialism.

If you ever, ever, ever find any pictures of horse tattoos better than these, please send them to me immediately so that I might steal them.

Awful horse tattoo fat 4

Bad Terrible Horse Tattoo - A Bit Much


Bad Terrible Horse Tattoo - Hollywood

I think these might technically be unicorns, but because it’s so hilarious, it’s going in:

Horse Tattoo Pegasus Unicorn Sex

Horse Tattoo - Pegasus On Side

Horse Tattoo Heartbeat Sexy


Horse Tattoo - Bad Shoulder

No eyes:

Awful horse tattoo fat chest

I think this is supposed to be a horse?:

Awful horse tattoo nessie

Horse Tattoo Shoulder Wind


Awful horse tattoo rubbish

Bad Horse Tattoos - Horse Power Bad Horse Tattoos - ultimate dreamer

Horse Tattoo Ribs

Although this one doesn’t show a picture of a horse I think it’s well worth including…

Bad Horse Tattoos - wings

Don’t tattoo whilst under the influence of ketamine and Parkinsons… he just gave up the ghost half way through apparently:

Bad Terrible Horse Tattoo - Drunk Tattooist

Horse Tattoo Tribal

Horse Tattoo With Cross

She looks a bit fat? And rubbish, doesn’t she:

Bad Terrible Horse Tattoo - Freshly Made

Massive Horse Tattoo

This tattoo is probably hanging about on the skin of a zoophile/bestiality specialist. You should not be aroused or intrigued by a caricature of a pole dancing horse. FACT.

Bad Terrible Horse Tattoo - Pole dancer

It’s probably the best drawn of our collection, but this horse tattoo is confusing as far as the content is concerned. A native Indian, riding atop a wild stallion certainly is a stirring image, but one slumped asleep in the saddle of a punch drunk horse certainly isn’t. I started thinking it was an action picture of a horse with rider screaming to a halt. That makes more sense. But the question remains: “why?”

Bad Terrible Horse Tattoo - Red Indian


Bad Terrible Horse Tattoo - Sea Horse

Tebow? Tim Tebow plays american football apparently. Call me a traditionalist if you will, but I prefer my centaurs without helmets. They just seem more mystical:

Bad Terrible Horse Tattoo - Tim Tebow Time American Football

I like tribal tattoos, but I LOVE horses? What should I do? – No problem:

Bad Terrible Horse Tattoo - Tribal or Horse






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