Animal Mating Calls: Epic Video Collection

On July 20, 2013 by Tim Newman

Animal Mating Calls - Seal Video Collection

Is there a better way to spend some free time than perusing YouTube’s mighty collection of animal mating calls? I don’t think so. Here’s what I found :

Koala Mating Call



Arctic Fox Mating Call



Peacock Mating Call And Display



Elk Mating Call

Giant Panda Mating Call

Alligator Mating Call

Toad Mating Call

Lemur Mating Call

There you go. Did you enjoy that? Yeah, me too. I guess the weirdest animal mating noise on the whole of god’s green earth is that of the human. If you head down most high streets of Britain on a Friday or Saturday night you’ll hear the spine chilling and moronic gurgle of the drunkard. Amazingly, it appears to be working if you look at our terrifying population explosion. From Southend to Skye and from Exeter to Northumbria, humans are all idiots. Including me of course.

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