Video: Catfish Hunt And Kill Pigeons On Dry Land

On July 13, 2013 by Tim Newman

catfish hunts pigeon on land - freshwater killer whale

It’s no surprise to see something surprising in the natural world. There’s more variety out there than you could shake a stick insect at.

Today’s natural surprise is footage of catfish creeping up on pigeons shortly before striking and dining.

They half beach themselves on the shore, which is a risky maneuver; apparently they have a 20% kill rate, so it’s worth the punt. There are only a couple of catfish populations in the world where this sort of behaviour has been documented (lucky for pigeons); one of these populations resides in France and the other in Spain.

Some call them the freshwater killer whales. I call them greedy, there’s plenty to eat in the water. It’s just showing off.

This was shot on the River Tarn, south western France:




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