Leopard Vs Dog – Mumbai Big Cat Steals Pets

On June 29, 2013 by Tim Newman

Leopard Attacks Dog In Mumbai Apartment Block

This mental video was shot last year in Mumbai near Sanjay Gandhi National Park. The CCTV footage is filmed in the entrance hall of an apartment block. The leopard boldly slinks in, nabs an unsuspecting doggy then drags it off. There are 20+ leopards in the national park and reports of the felines strolling into built up areas have been increasing. According to one resident there have been six dogs taken from the block by big cats already, and people are worried.

Having a leopard casually wandering about your apartment complex has to be a pretty unsettling sight. I squeal like a girl if I come across a spider in my room, let alone a known killer cat.

Mumbai police are now routinely trained in how to tackle the creatures, they’ve killed seven people in the last year.



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