Egyptian Statue Rotates On It’s Own In Museum

On June 22, 2013 by Tim Newman

mumrah- egyptian statue moves on its own Manchester university

The curse of the mummy is real after all. Well, no. But this is a pretty cool video. It’s taken in the Manchester Museum, where there’s a great Egyptology section and features a statue of Neb-Senu which remains still at night but slowly rotates during the day.

Of course some people are inferring witch craft/ voodoo/ curse stuff. But Brian Cox (who was asked to comment for some reason) is backing the idea that it’s some kind of vibration/friction thing as people walk by. (I’m going with an alien theory of course).

The statue itself is in a glass case, so no one is moving it physically, that’s what alerted staff in the first place and inspired them to pop a time lapse camera in there to check it out.

Have a look, it’s kind of creepy but not really:

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