Personal Experiment On The Accuracy Of Horoscopes

On June 19, 2013 by Tim Newman

Horoscope Nonsense - Experiment - Disprove

Horoscopes: are they real or imagined? True or false? Well, of course, everyone knows they are complete tosh and anyone who puts any sway on them at all should be burned as a witch. The idea that stars so far away from earth effect you daily outcome is the stuff of fantasy and balderdash. So any experiment I run to test their efficacy is going to be massively skewed i.e. I know what I’m going to find. That said, it might be a bit of a laugh.

So I looked at my daily horoscopes for yesterday on six websites, that’s not a huge sample size I grant you, but it will have to do I’m afraid. Did they get anything right? Well….

You might find it hard to make progress with your projects today, Pisces, especially if you need others’ help. There’s a stubborn quality to the day that’s causing things to get jammed up. When neither party budges, the result is chaos. You might have to give a little in order to get a little. Be the first one to release your grip and things will run more smoothly.

Might” find progress hard? vague from the onset. I am never stubborn. EVER.

You have got to make a choice today, though it’s tough. The good news is you’ve got multiple attractive options, but you do have to pick one and stick with it, which makes you a little nervous.

Who doesn’t make choices every single day? I have NO attractive options. I don’t remember the last time I had any attractive options? I’ve had options that will do, I’ve had options that are less painful than others, but attractive? No. I do feel nervous though, but I think that’s the coffee.

An undercurrent of competition could threaten the harmonious vibes of the day. Admit it, Pisces: could you be feeling a wee bit jealous? The green-eyed monster can be a valuable guide as long as you don’t act upon his irrational prompts. In truth, you’d like to develop some of the qualities this person is modeling. Turn her into an ally and benefit from her tutelage.

First off, I didn’t have any harmonius vibes to threaten all day. Jealous? Well, I did see someone with a burger yesterday and felt pretty jealous for about half an hour, so I guess they got that right. Although it was a ‘he’ not a ‘she’.

Are you a witch or a wizard? Where is your wand, your cloak or your diploma from Hogwarts? JK Rowling has done much to rekindle an enthusiasm for magic in the minds of millions. But she has also helped to compound the idea that all such powers are entirely imaginary. Yet we all work spells and send ‘energised wishes’ out into the world. They may rarely bring us instant results but that doesn’t mean that they have no impact at all. The current delay in a dream coming true shouldn’t be seen as proof that it will never come true. The solstice and the following super moon herald a very special time for you.

That has to be my least favourite one so far. I am neither a wizard nor a witch and it’s no business of yours where my wand is. The basic summary of that paragraph is “something might happen one day”. Brilliant, excellent predictive powers. If you’d said I would be thrown into a rage by a crap horoscope website you would have been right on the money. I’m glad the super moon is going to be “special” for me though.

Horoscope Nonsense - Experiment - Disprove - Pisces Schmises

A new confidence in yourself is awakened at this time. You realize what is really important to you, and you are likely to make promises to yourself that you will not become distracted from things that are important to you. Do not forget this promise in the future!

Nope. I grow less confident every day thank you very much. As I get older I realise more and more how badly I fail at things. Every day I find one new thing that I can’t do and practice one skill that I used to be good at.

You will have difficulty in interpreting the behaviour of your life partner today. It is better to bring transparency in your relationship rather than to doubt it. Speak freely about your problems and communicate with your spouse. Business relationships will also face rough weather. Those who work will find a measure of success in their office. It is a day of mixed fortunes and the evening might bring some respite in the form of family time, says Ganesha.

Well, that’s a pretty bleak one to end on. I didn’t managed to annoy my life partner yesterday though, maybe I’ll try a little harder. I had 100% no success in the office either, and yes, I did work hard thank you.

So there you have it. I told you it was all nonsense didn’t I?


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