Videos Of Dogs Falling Over

On June 16, 2013 by Tim Newman

Stupid Dog - Dog Falling Over - Corgi Peanut Butter

Yeah, so I’m not in a particularly high brow kind of a mood today, so you can watch some videos of dogs falling over, or you can visit the New Scientist website. It’s up to you, I’ll be here all day.

Here’s a stupid pug that’s too tired to remain upright. I don’t understand why it doesn’t just lie on the floor, it’s already sitting on the floor, it seems like such a simple solution to the problems he is clearly having:



Same issue here. Stupid dog:



This is my favourite so far. Apparently the dog had been given a mild sedative when it went for an X-ray at the vets. It’s another case of a dog that will not give in to gravity and simply have a nice lie down:



His ball is in the pool, he really wants his ball, but he really doesn’t want to get wet. DILEMMA!:



There you go…. I’ve finished now. That wasn’t too painful was it? Banal perhaps, maybe a little cutesy or chincey? Yeah, sorry, no one’s perfect, I just can’t be bothered to concentrate very hard today.

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