Political Artist Kaya Mar: Kate Middleton and More

On June 10, 2013 by Tim Newman

Artist-Kaya-Mars-painting-of-the-Duchess-of-Cambridge Breast Feeding

The Duchess of Cambridge, good old Kate Middleton, is pregnant. I must admit, I don’t care too much about it.

Someone who seems to be taking the news even less seriouslyis Kaya Mar.

Kaya describes himself as a “pugnacious political artist.” His caricatures make light of the heavy weights. We could do with more of this type of thing.

Here’s some more of Kaya Mar’s works:

Kaya Mar - Eurozone Leaders - Political Painting

Kaya Mar - George Osbourne 2 - Political Painting

Here’s a Syrian themed pic from outside the G8 summit…

Kaya Mar - Syria

Kaya Mar - George Osbourne - Political Painting

Kaya Mar - Death Of The Arab Spring - Political Painting

kaya Mar - Murdoch's Revenge - Political Painting

Kaya Mar - Obama Romney - Political Painting

Kaya Mar - Political Painter - Tony Blair Anti War

Kaya Mar - Queen Elizabeth Conference Centre - Political Painting

He’s great, isn’t he?


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