DISGRACE: Pork Found In Moose Lasagne

On April 6, 2013 by Tim Newman

Pig Moose IKEA

All this fuss about finding the ‘wrong meat‘ in things has kept me really entertained recently.

Supermarkets and meat producers certainly shouldn’t be able to get away with lying to make a bigger buck — that’s naughty and must be punished. But meat is meat, get over it.

Just because you think a horse is “mystical” or “in tune with humans” doesn’t make it any less meaty. If the animal in Black Beauty had been a lovely cow, then maybe you would have stopped eating beef. If Lassie had been a Vietnamese pot-bellied pig, you would have probably laid off the sausages.

The problem is, we’re so removed from the process of killing an animal, gutting it, skinning it, and cooking it. All we see is a nicely bleached bit of chicken that we pop straight in our mouths.

Maybe if people stopped to think that they were eating an animal’s bum cheek they might cut down on their red meat intake a touch.

I know this isn’t even a topical rant anymore so I don’t know why I’m bothering. But anyway, recently, Ikea announced that it’s withdrawn moose lasagne from its food range because it found 1.5% pork in there.

Brilliant. I would have probably written a post about Ikea doing moose lasagne whether or not it was mixed meat. Those crazy Euros.

Apparently Primark are planning to open cafes in some stores, they’re going to serve pit-bull sausages and Chihuahua nuggets.

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