Awesome Photos From Russia With Love: October 2019

On October 28, 2019 by Tim Newman

As ever, this edition of Awesome Photos From Russia With Love brings you a hand selected range of great images from the Motherland.

This month, we visit rural Russia to enjoy hand painted posters and satellite dishes, and take a stroll down into the bowels of Moscow Metro. There’s a random diversion to Belarus, too.

We hope you enjoy, and we’re fairly confident that you will.

Let’s start with a few from the ’90s, shall we?:

From Moscow’s subway

Swimming in Belarus

Valeriy Leontiev

Russian singer, Valeriy Leontiev, has a snappy dress sense. Some Russians like to compare his outfits to interior designs, apparently:

The Village Cinema

In villages throughout Russia, there are small, independent (almost certainly illegal) cinemas. Here are some of the high quality posters that they use to advertise the next feature:

Bridget Jones’ Diary
Harry Potter
Men In Black 2

Ornate Satellite Dishes

A retired gent called Yuri Kuznetsov paints satellite dishes to make them more… well… Russian.

Cosmonaut and artist

Alexey Leonov was the first human to conduct a space walk. He was also a keen painter:

Alexey Leonov
Nice, right?

Wonky Russian Buildings

And there we go. We’re done. Here’s some more for you if you are interested:

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