Beautiful Long Exposure Photos Of Fireflies By Yume Cyan

On September 10, 2015 by Tim Newman

Yume Cyan Fire Fly 13

Yume Cyan recently spent some quality time in the forests around Nagoya City, Japan. Yume took along a camera, set the aperture to low and the exposure to long. Bish bash bosh, some awesome images of fireflies came out the other end.

As the fireflies went about their daily chores, each flash of their rear-end was lovingly documented on film.

Whilst we’re here I may as well give you five fascinating firefly facts, right?:

1) Globally there are around 2,000 different species of firefly.

2) They produce “cold light” which means it has no infrared or ultraviolet frequencies.

3) The firefly’s light is produced when an enzyme – luciferase – reacts with a protein called luciferin, magnesium, oxygen and ATP.

4) It has been speculated that the sinister Baroque painter Caravaggio may have prepared his canvases with a powder of dried fireflies to create a photosensitive surface on which he projected the image to be painted.

5) Firefly larvae – also known as “glow worms” seem to bioluminesce as a protection mechanism, in other words, their glowing arse tells predators they taste nasty. In the adult firefly, however, the glowing rear is generally used to attract mates.

OK, that’s today’s entomology lesson over. Now let’s have a look at Yume’s lovely pictures.

Check out more of Yume Cyan’s stuff here (Click to enlarge):

Yume Cyan on 500px

Yume Cyan on FB

Yume Cyan Fire Fly 1 Yume Cyan Fire Fly 2 Yume Cyan Fire Fly 3 Yume Cyan Fire Fly 4 Yume Cyan Fire Fly 5 Yume Cyan Fire Fly 6 Yume Cyan Fire Fly 7 Yume Cyan Fire Fly 8 Yume Cyan Fire Fly 9 Yume Cyan Fire Fly 10 Yume Cyan Fire Fly 11 Yume Cyan Fire Fly 12 Yume Cyan Fire Fly 14





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