Jan Toorop: A Dutch-Indonesian Art Deco Wonder

On November 24, 2014 by Tim Newman

Jan Toorop - Fresh

Jean Theodoor Toorop (1858 – 1928), better known as Jan Toorop, was an Indonesian born Dutch painter. He worked in a variety of styles, including Symbolism, Art Nouveau, and Pointilism (that’s painting with dots if you were about to look it up like I just had to).

Toorop was born in Java to a Dutch-Indonesian father and British mother. At the tender age of 11, he moved with his family to Holland and, later, moved to Brussels for further study. After marrying a British woman in 1886, Toorop alternated his time between The Hague, England, Holland and Brussels. All the time, busy with his brush.

Toorop, as you will see, mucked about with plenty of styles during his career, seamlessly moulding Art Deco vibes with classical styles and Indonesian curves. After his conversion to Catholicism in 1905, he started adding religious themes to his paint pot, too.

Jan Toorop -niet dé Jan Toorop Jan Toorop - The Sphinx

Jan Toorop - vAGABONDS

Jan Toorop - The Song Of Time Jan Toorop - The New Generation Jan Toorop - Otto Lanz Jan Toorop - O grave, where is thy Victory

Pointilism, yeah?:

Jan Toorop - Landscape With Canal Jan Toorop - kaart van Haitske uit Nijmegen Jan Toorop - Indonesia Portrait of an old farmer in front of a cathedral Jan Toorop - Delft Salad Oil Jan Toorop - curves Jan Toorop - Arthur van Schendel 1912

Toorop’s daughter, Charley Toorop (Annie Caroline Pontifex Fernhout-Toorop in full), also went on to become an artist. Here’s a couple of hers, the first being a self portrait:

Charley Toorop - Self Portrait

Her son, Jan’s grandson – Edgar Fernhout also carried on the family tradition and became an accomplished artist. Here’s two of his:

Edgar Fernhout - Portrait Edgar Fernhout - Sunflower

Talented family. They’re more well known in Holland, but that’s to be expected. I’m happy to have been thrown in their direction.

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