NEVERCREW: Swiss Graffiti Double Team

On September 28, 2014 by Tim Newman

NEVERCREW - Octopus - Lugano skatepark

NEVERCREW = Swiss born duo, Pablo Togni and Christian Rebecchi. They’ve been making their mark on the walls and buildings of Switzerland since 1996. NEVERCREW started out doing graffiti the underground, illegal way but their style proved so likable that they now get commissioned and paid by companies, events and organisations to adorn their walls.

I’m no good at all at critically evaluating work, I just like what I like, but I did read the section on their website about their art. It confused me, so I’ll just copy and paste a section in here to see if you can make any sense of it.

Working together, in two, since 1996 they have continually compared between them in so many points of view and at the same time, working in the public space as “street artists”, they extended this comparison outside in a direct way, arriving to the point of making this perennial dual “discussion” one of the hubs of their work. From this, then, arise their choice and their needs, and from this take their form their “living structures”.
Their structures are models of living systems, overviews made ​​perceptible in their entirety and in their structure by the use of the “section”, which allows to see them (and if you wish, to explore them) as they are inside. Both in the case of a mechanism, of the spaces of a house or the structure of a living being, it’s then implemented an initial analytical process on the formal and functional aspect.

Any way, like I said: I like what I like and I like NEVERCREW (click to enlarge):

NEVERCREW - A drop of pink in Isar's waters NEVERCREW - EWZ Zurich NEVERCREW - Hangselm The Dirty Painters NEVERCREW - Imitation of Life n9 in Belgrade, Serbia NEVERCREW - Imitation of Life NEVERCREW - Interpretive Machine #1

NEVERCREW - Joker Shop Lugano NEVERCREW - Listening to the song of the whales NEVERCREW - Live and Explore NEVERCREW - Magenta NEVERCREW - Undercontrol

NEVERCREW - X-Games Zurich






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