A Selection Of Weird Dinosaur Reconstructions

On September 14, 2014 by Lazer Horse


Initially I wanted to present to you a collection of pictures of ropy artist’s impressions of dinosaurs; but when I started searching I came across so many pictures and stories that it sort of mutated into a general look at the lighter side of dinosaur models and a retrospective of mad paleoart.

The article became a bit of a meandering waltz in the end, but I hope you enjoy it. My journey through avant-garde depictions of dinosaurs started with the one above. The picture stars Therizinosaurus, his name means ‘reaping lizard’. He had a short body, long neck and a tiny head with a beak. He also sported a pot belly and walked on two feet. He hung about in Asian woodland around 80 million years ago and was about 35 feet long weighing in at around 3 tons.

It was the bold stripes on this therizinosaurus that fired this idea off. It’s just an artist’s impression of course, we can’t know for sure what colour they were, but I guess the artists’ guess is as good as ours.

Luis ReyOdd Chick dinosaur depiction

Some of the images I’m going to plant up here I don’t have much to say about, I just bring them to your attention because I love them. Like these by Luis Rey:

amazing proto-feathered bird

… and one more because this guy is rapidly becoming my favourite artist of all time. Here are gigantoraptor’s nesting grounds with an invading alectrosaurus:

Gigantoraptor Nesting Grounds with Alectrosaurus

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