Hollow Earth Theory: What’s All That About?

On August 30, 2014 by Tim Newman

Karl Unger 1943

Hollow Earth Theory - Karl Unger Asgard

Another man that added much needed credence to the theory was a German U-boat sailor who voyaged to the North Pole in 1943. This sailor – Karl Unger – claimed that he and his crew entered our hollow earth through a submerged cavern and met an advanced civilisation living somewhere called “Rainbow Island” (imaginative).

Some people theorise that Hitler escaped to the safety of hollow earth after the war. Well, why not?

In recent years there have been various attempts to get enough money and interest together to make a voyage to find this elusive massive opening in the wild north (or south) but none have yet quite made it.

Dallas Thompson Bell 2002

In 2002 Thompson Bell had a car accident, after he was pulled from the wreckage he claimed he’d had various visions and was now convinced there was a subterranean society.

He wrote a book (which turned out to be mostly plagiarism) and attempted to set up his own voyage. Mysteriously Bell took his comic book which showcased his beliefs off the shelves, despite it being a best seller (possibly due to it being plagiarised) and pretty much vanished off the face of the earth.

The date set for his mission was towards the end of 2003 but nothing ever came of it and no one knows where he is. Mysterious?


Hollow Earth Theory - NPIEE

The North Pole Inner Earth Exploration team still carry the dream of taking a mission to the North Pole to investigate this theory further. According to their website they are planning to begin their mission in the summer of 2014.

They’ve been campaigning and saving and picking up Youtube hits for six years now, and their time to bite the bullet and take a look may be approaching.

Hollow Earth Theory - Russian Ice Breaker

They’re renting a nuclear-powered icebreaker from Russia with a helicopter on board. They have the equipment planned, the itinerary published but their website doesn’t seem to have been updated since January 2014?

The leader of the group “Dr” Brooks Agnew seems to be a fairly shady character with an untraceable pHD and a chip on his shoulder about HAARP technology, so maybe he’s run off with the cash they’ve generated so far? Who knows.


At the end of the day there is no real hard evidence for the hollow earth theory, just hearsay. However, there is a sizeable amount of evidence for the boring old solid blob theory we all know and love.

Part of me, and part of anyone who likes a surprise, wants the hollow earth thing to be true, but alas it doesn’t look likely. But, just incase someone is trawling redundant web pages in the year 3087 I’d better end cautiously by saying… you never know…

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