10 Graphs & Infographics: A Quality Selection

On June 12, 2014 by Lazer Horse

Interesting Graphs - information is beautiful 2

8) Most Popular Blog Posts

Here’s how you create a successful article:

Interesting Graphs - what makes a good blog article

I should probably take heed of this one: I got a video embedded, share buttons – check, numbered list, OK… actually word count is a little low here so I’ll try and beef it out a bit, bear with me… ahem… words words words words words words words words words words words words words words. That should do it.

9) Economic Fuel Use

What really is the most energy efficient method of transport then?:

Interesting Graphs - Fuel Use

I guess I’d better stop riding the cruise liner to work then hey?

10) French Perception of Russia’s Involvement In WWII

Fairly random one to end with. But it’s pretty telling if you ask me… They asked some French people (I have no idea of how big the sample was or how it was chosen I’m afraid) and asked them how big the Russian contribution to the allies in WWII was at three different points in time:

Interesting Graphs - Russias involvement in WWII

Public perception of how history played out is one thing, the reality is quite, quite different. Apparently there’s a frighteningly large number of Americans that think the Russians were actually enemies in WWII. Here’s some real numbers to put things into shocking perspective:

Interesting Graphs - WWII deaths as percentage of population

Interesting Graphs - WWII deaths of allies

Right, so that’s probably not how those figures were expected to look by most of the world I would assume. I was surprised, especially by China in the last graph?

I hope you enjoyed those, if you find any good ones pass them my way please. And for the love of god hit the share buttons…

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