5 Common Illuminati Symbols (And Why Not To Worry)

On May 30, 2014 by Tim Newman

5) Inverted Pentagram & Baphomet

 illuminati-pentagram baphomet-symbolism

The inverted pentagram, one of the most prolific symbols of Satanism, has been used by the illuminati throughout history to signify their dark & satanic belief structure. By inverting a symbol, you ascribe an opposite meaning and so in the case of an inverted pentagram, a standard pentagram which in itself holds no sinister significance, is transformed into a symbol of black magic, the occult and Satanism that most people probably wouldn’t even recognise as being different to any other ‘star’.

Well, yeah, pentagrams are definitely occult, and there’s no way of really hiding a pentagram if you’re using one. You don’t find them in pop music. You might find scary monster horns, but pentagrams are too obvious even for the Illuminati to insert it would seem. That map at the bottom of the pictures is ridiculous. I could draw a unicorn on a map and join up the dots if I wanted too. It means as much as joining the stars together to make the shape of a plough and expecting that to do something meaningful.

For a fuller description of Baphomet click here for something I wrote recently.

In conclusion: ignore adverts, stop listening to pop music, don’t read the Daily Mail and avoid Satanic churches. And you’re done.

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