5 Common Illuminati Symbols (And Why Not To Worry)

On May 30, 2014 by Tim Newman

3) Owl


The owl is another somewhat sinister animal the illuminati have adopted to symbolise their serendipitous ways. Representative of wisdom and secrecy, the owl sees in the dark similar to how the illuminati (who also believe they are the custodians of some forbidden knowledge) see all through their elevated institutions of control.

So, the first picture above is a still taken from a horror film, Wicker Man maybe? And owls are awesome, so it’s no surprise they come up. Owls are supposed to be wise, not evil and controlling. It was used as a symbol of status, riches and intelligence by the Greeks. The Celts, Egyptians and Hindu cultures looked on the owl as a guardian of the underworld so it predates the Illuminati by thousands of years.


4) Hand Symbols, Devil Horns & 666

illuminati-devil horns eye symbolism

World leaders and idolised celebrities alike have been repeatedly caught out by the more vigilant amongst us making what are essentially satanic hand signals in front of the masses. The 666 fingers (or ‘the A-ok’ sign) and the sign of the horns (or ‘the heavy metal horns’) appear to have been adopted by those in authority to brazenly display in plain sight, their allegiance to the dark side.

Hand gestures happen all of the time, if you watch anyone for any length of time they’ll do some sort of hand gesture or other, often subconsciously. The 666 picture above is pretty funny and the pope doing the devil horns is brilliant. And yes, the devil horns belong to heavy metal now, the Illuminati certainly don’t have dibs on it. No one on these pro-Illuminati sites ever puts up pictures of Metallica throwing the horns do they? Apparently the devil horns thing was started by one of Dio’s aging relatives, she used it to warn away demons, not advertise and promote them.

Baphomet and the pentagram overleaf…


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