Illuminati Symbolism: A Photo Collection

On March 9, 2014 by Tim Newman

Illuminati Symbols - Animal print

I found a website today called Vigilant Citizen, it’s pretty funny. The site’s tag line is “symbols rule the world, not words, nor laws” so you can probably already gather what their vibe is. They are part of that mighty body of wallies that point out when someone is doing an Illuminati symbol in public.

It turns out that if you cover one eye or make a triangle that means you are under the Illuminati spell. My question always has been and always will be: if the symbols are so easy to spot why are they bothering at all?

And I think the answer is – Illuminati symbolism has become fashionable because of idiots like Vigilant Citizen.

So this site does a monthly symbolic pictures collection so I thought I’d show you some because, quite frankly, it’s pathetic.

First up Miley Cyrus who has done an advert featuring a dead body. A clothing brand trying to shock with their advertising? My, my, whatever next. Vigilant Citizen says “This ad campaign is simply a continuation of the culture of death that is prevailing in pop culture. Dehumanization is trendy.”

Illuminati Symbols - Miley Cyrus Dead Girl

This next picture is from London’s Men’s Fashion Week. My first thought was as follows: “LOL.” But Vigilant Citizen saw more sinister under and overtones. They saw more evidence of the fashion world trying to “dehumanize” us and Mickey Mouse hats are apparently a sign of mind control just FYI.

Illuminati Symbols - Fashion Week

Kanye West has been at it too. In a video shoot there’s this imagery of him suffocating which, according to Vigilant Citizen is “a common torture used on MK slaves.”

Illuminati Symbols - Kanye West

Illuminati collection 2

Next we’ve got Kourtney with a ‘K’ Kardashian sporting the mind control ears of good ‘ol Mickey.

Illuminati Symbols - Kourtney Kardashian

Here’s another couple of Kardashian’s (I think) and, uh oh, one of them’s covering their eye up, you know what that means don’t you? ILLUMINATI! Vigilant Citizen notes that “being an Illuminati pawn forces you into become ‘naughty'”. Hmmm…

Illuminati Symbols - Kardashian


Jared Leto next (whoever he is) showing us just one eye AND a multitude of triangles. Vigilant Citizen seem a bit miffed that he’s looking a little bit like Jesus too. But I’d like to put them at ease a bit here. He looks like the paintings of Jesus, but not the real Jesus, because the real one was born in the Middle East and no one took a photo at the time, he may well have been an ugly fella for all we know?

Illuminati Symbols - Jared Leto

Not even children’s books are safe now. Here’s what they have to say about this: “This is a page from a children’s book called ‘Olivia Goes to Venice’. Why is Olivia ‘very pleased’ about being searched by these two pigs? Looks like an attempt at normalizing TSA searches to young children.” – sensible conclusion to draw I think you’d all agree?

Illuminati Symbols - Olivier Goes To Venice

In conclusion: seek and ye shall find, but there is no guarantee that what ye shall find won’t be complete guff.

Illuminati collection 2

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