Will No One Shake François Hollande’s Hand?

On January 4, 2014 by Lazer Horse

François Hollande - hand shaking - niemandshand

Well, it looks like the answer to the question in the title is “no”. (Click image above to enlarge.)

I was actually looking on a Russian site when I found them reporting this funny photo montage about the French President that they’d found in a Dutch newspaper “De Volkskrant”. I then found it on a Luxembourg news site. Aren’t we all so marvelously worldly these days? It’s just a shame that the only information we share globally is stuff that would make a 12 year old laugh. Nothing complex and in-depth please, I’m too busy watching 3 second GIF clips and wetting my diapers.

We’re all turning into jibbering information voids. But it’s the way of the world and at least now I’ve said my peace we can get on with laughing at someone else’s ridiculous lack of skill at shaking people’s hands.

Thanks François. He does look like a bit of a plum sometimes doesn’t he? I’m sure Hollande is a perfectly nice bloke too, I know nothing of his policies so I can’t judge. He can’t be any worse than the pillocks we’ve got over this side of the channel can he?

François Hollande - hand shaking - François Hollande

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François Hollande - hand shaking - François Hollande 2

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