Photo Collection: Russian Cruise 70’s & 80’s

On December 28, 2013 by Lazer Horse

Jack (on the left) was the world knobbly knees championship gold winner in 1978.

Soviet Cruise 70s 80s Russia - Leisure

They’re laughing because they’re getting high off the carpet pattern.

Soviet Cruise 70s 80s Russia - Lounge

“Just one more Rohypnol shake for the lady please squire.”

Soviet Cruise 70s 80s Russia - More Booze

“You could have at least made the bed you lazy wench? I paid good money for this cruise and all you’ve done is moan and complain. I truly believed that this break might help us get over some of our problems and make amends, I feel like an idiot. You’re only smiling now because we’re leaving tomorrow. I hate you Mandy.”

Soviet Cruise 70s 80s Russia - Not Posed

“…you take the mickey out of my tash one more time son and I’ll flay you alive you pretentious yellow shirted buffoon.”

“Frig off Colin.”

Soviet Cruise 70s 80s Russia - Sexy Pepsi

Russian Collection

“Room service?… yes, the drinks are fine… there’s a problem with the wig though…. I don’t know?… it just doesn’t seem to suit me? No the red coat is lovely, I’m very pleased with it I really am…. I know…. wonderful quality… yes, a great colour… the wig though… it’s awful…. well, yes, I would like at least a partial refund? I mean I’ve only…. yes…. I know I signed for it… I hadn’t had a chance to look in the mirror yet though… it’s kind of…. yes I know I signed the form………. yes…….. ok…. I guess but you did say….. uh huh….. not even a partial refund? Well I am a bit miffed…. yes… OK, so if I get it dry cleaned I can get a 20% refund? OK….. how much to dry clean it?…. FIFTY!? Well… that’s more than I paid… oh forget it, bring more drinks immediately.”

Soviet Cruise 70s 80s Russia - Wig

They don’t cruise like they used to.

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