Arrogant Poker Player Carter Gill Gets Comeuppance

On September 3, 2013 by Lazer Horse

Carter Gill - Bad Face - Arrogant - Poker

I know little to nothing about poker, in fact I don’t know much about any games/sports. But this video is well worth a watch. It shows Carter Gill on the left playing David Paredes. We join the game at at the closing straight and Gill is in a strong position. His arrogant, smarmy little jock face makes you want to smack it as he repeats to Paredes “you just need a Queen”, that being the only card that will save his opponent.

Lady luck and the merry fates were smiling down on Paredes that day though and who should be turned over….. you’ve guessed it…. the Queen.

His stupid face crumbles. Gold. You can actually see his feeble brain collapsing through his skin. He deserves this lose so badly and I am so pleased he got it…


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