Video: Catfish Hunt And Kill Pigeons On Dry Land

On July 13, 2013 by Lazer Horse

catfish hunts pigeon on land - freshwater killer whale

It’s no surprise to see something in the natural world that you didn’t expect. There’s more variety out there than you could shake a stick insect at.

Today’s natural surprise is video footage of catfish creeping up on pigeons on the shore before striking and dining.

They half beach themselves on the shore, which is risky, but apparently they have a 20% kill rate which isn’t bad at all. There’s only a couple of catfish populations in the world where this sort of behaviour has been documented (lucky for pigeons), one in France and one in Spain.

Some call them the freshwater killer whales. I call them greedy, there’s plenty to eat in the water. It’s just showing off.

This was shot on the River Tarn, south western France:




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