A Selection Of Pointless Pictures Courtesy Of The Internet

On May 29, 2013 by Tim Newman

Abraham Lincoln Ridden By Bear With Monacle plus laser

There’s nothing more to this post than a bunch of stupid pictures of stupid things and stupid people.

All I want For Christmas Is A Latina Girlfriend

Ahhhh…. everyone relax, the Marines are here to kill the big-toothed human octopus with fire guns.

America Squid Murder Poster Propoganda

This was a rabble-rousing poster designed to get Americans cross with the Germans:

American WWII Poster destroy this mad brute

Excellent outfit, doggy:

At-At Dog costume

Baby Lazers - No One Is SafeHAIR CUT

chinese child hair cut shaved cry crying

Excellent parenting below, although the kids probably had a nice time, so who’s to judge? If they’re still hanging out with the strippers when they’re fifteen, we might need to call social services.

pole dancing with toddlers

More excellent parenting. He doesn’t seem like he’s having a very nice time, does he….

boy and lion scared crying

Technology at it’s best:

badger theremin radio

bug religion cartoon foot squash

 MMmmmm….. brains…..

canteloupe brain exam question - risk

Carlito's Romano Way Album Cover Tangos
Chinese version of Breaking Bad. I think this version will be excellent. “Danger Funny!”

Chinese Breaking Bad - pirate ripped off copy

 Chinese wedding pic. Enchanting.

Chinese Weding

The circle of life (please don’t write to me telling me this is fake, you can’t prove it, I’ll believe what I want to believe, thanks):

circle of life man killed stag lion kills man

Claude Vasori

Crayon candour - white crayons are waste of money


DeNiro and Stupid Cat

Dinosaur Man in Cage

This can’t be real, can it? Too perfect, surely?….

fail-owned-recipe-memory-alzheimers book charity

Photoshop being used as God intended:

Hybrid Dog Gorilla

Hybrid Duck Horse

Hybrid Penguin Killer Whale

Strong look, shame about the name.

Joy in Service - Dyck Family

melons perfect timing boobs

Interested in goats? Have a go on these:

Great Goat GIFs

Goats In Weird Places

Goats Playing With Sheet Metal

Mountain Goats Defy Gravity

 Nailed it:

Nailed It costume win or fail

hit Parade Mighty Quinn

one legged pigeon with one leg man - stand off

im afraid you have humans planet joke picture

Naughty boys…

note to person obsessed with drawing penises

polar bear old B&W terrifying costume monster little girl example of a risk exam question

Rockin With Wanda album cover

Sacred Hymns by benny and nola - album cover

 I can’t look at this graph anymore, it makes me want to cry. Truth hurts….

some answers to life's tricky questions - why i drink

Swastika LOL tattoo - worst tattoos ever

Tavin Pumarejo Tuna Fish album cover

Tell It Again Cousin Thelma

The Best of Tex and Lucky

Toilet Win - good rules good picture

 Best marketing ploy I think I’ve ever seen.

Toilight Toilet Shop window marketing win

 Humans are such plums.

tower of pisa people pusing it from different angle - italy

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