Funniest/ Weirdest/ Ultra Brill Flags #2

On May 4, 2013 by Lazer Horse

Funny Flags - Yaroslavl - Oblast - Russia - Lazer Horse

My last post about flags caused some controversy so I just wanted to reconfirm my stance. I know that to some people flags are symbols of a racist slant or a banner to wave over the down trodden. But we mustn’t blame the flag for that. It is the flag waver that is to blame, not the pretty shapes and pictures of birds on a bit of cloth. It’s like blaming a pregnancy on a first kiss.

Flags certainly can be misused and misrepresented. And it’s a shame. I mean, the St Georges flag is pretty crap compared to this lot below, but it’s still a shame that a bit of red and white material has such potent overtones.

I hope that clears that up. Now enjoy some flaggery with me.


This tropical Caribbean island is a veritable garden of Eden, so naturally they’ve chosen to represent their wildlife on their flag. This is a Sisserou Parrot or Imperial Amazon, their national bird. What a good looking chap. They’re getting scarce though apparently thanks to competition with red-necked Amazon owls, natural disasters and plantation expansion. I hope they’re going to be OK.

Funny Flags - Dominica

Drnis – Croatia

It’s a chap pointing at a wound on his leg and a dog with bread in it’s mouth. Brilliant. The fine looking bearded gent is St Roch who is legendary for feeding a dog from a wound he made on his leg apparently. Actually scrub that, I just read some more about him, he was banished to a wood and only survived because a dog licked his wounds better. That makes more sense I suppose. I’m keeping the first bit in though, sometimes bad translations are better than the real answer.

Funny Flags - Drnis - Croatia


I haven’t got loads of funny jokes about Hezbollah to be honest. But as I said at the top of the piece, this is about artistry not bigotry. I like the way the word Allah is holding a machine gun.

Funny Flags - Hezbollah

National Syndical American Falangist Party

While I’m at it, here’s another flag of dubious origin that’s pleasing on the eye. It’s a flag for an American group based on Spanish fascist ideology. So, yeah, ignore that and enjoy the patterns.

Funny Flags - National Syndical American Falangist Party Flag - USA

St Petersburg – Florida – US

Let’s lighten the mood shall we? Ahhhh it’s a pelican….

Funny Flags - St Petersburg - Florida-  USA

Tamil Eelam

…. and straight back in with a terrifying flag. Looks good though hey?

Funny Flags - Tamil Eelam


This flag isn’t for a country, an area or an organisation, but for the Aymara people. The Aymara hail from Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, and Chile. The origins are unclear, but it looks a lot more modern than it probably is.

Funny Flags - Wiphala - Swiss

Yaroslavl Oblast – Russia


Funny Flags - Yaroslavl - Oblast - Russia

North Caucasian Emirate – Russia (1918-21)

Let’s end with a smiley shall we? I guess in Russia in the 20’s there weren’t many smiles, so they didn’t recognise the blatant anthropomorphism.

North Caucasian Emirate - Russia - 1918-1921




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