Water Stream With 24Hz Soud Vibration - Mad Science

What Happens When You Run A Tap Next To A 24Hz Sound Wave?

On May 23, 2013 by Tim Newman

This video showing water misbehaving for the camera makes my brain hurt in a good way. One of the Youtube commenters writes underneath that it’s like they’ve found a glitch in the matrix....

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Albino Animals - Racoon

Albino Animals: A Photo Collection

On May 21, 2013 by Tim Newman

Everyone likes looking at things that look a bit wrong. Unfortunately. Animal’s brains (including ours) are sensitive to small differences in familiar things which makes good sense from an evolution point of view....

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Atom Bomb Photo - Harold Edgerton 3

The First Milliseconds After An Atom Bomb Blast

On May 11, 2013 by Tim Newman

The following three photographs were taken of an atomic bomb detonated by the military as part of the “Tumbler Snapper” test series. They were taken by Harold Eugene Edgerton (1903-1990) an all round...

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Twitter Users Language Map - Europe

Nice Twitter Visual – Coloured By Language

On May 9, 2013 by Tim Newman

Someone called Kalev Leetaruv who’s into “big data” collated 1.5bn tweets which were streamed from 71.3m unique users across the space of a month. They then colour coded them for the language the tweet was written in....

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Volcanic Smoke Rings - Stromboli’ s volcano - Lazer Horse - Rare Picture - Series

Volcanic Smoke Rings – Even Volcanoes Like To Chill

On May 6, 2013 by Tim Newman

I watched one of those overly dramatic “weird weather” type programs the other day and they talked about volcanoes banging out smoke rings. Initially I was skeptical because it sounded too brilliant to be part of...

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NASA - Solar Dynamic Observatory - Sun Plasma New Years Eve 2012

NASA Sun Blast Video & Solar Winds On Mercury

On May 2, 2013 by Tim Newman

I came across this video today whilst perusing the ‘space’ section of the internerd. It’s a time lapse video put together from genuine data captured by NASA‘s Solar Dynamics Observatory. It shows a massive...

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Meteorite Argentina 2013

Meteorite Hits Argentina

On April 24, 2013 by Tim Newman

It’s not caused as much of a big fuss as the recent Russian meteorite, but another one smashed down over Argentina this Sunday. It wasn’t filmed from as many angles either unfortunately, the...

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Zombie Snake

Decapitated Snake’s Head Attacks Own Body

On April 19, 2013 by Tim Newman

It’s as terrifying as it sounds I’m afraid people. It’s a video of a snake head attacking its own body. Is nothing sacred? If you decapitate a terrifying beast it’s supposed to DIE???...

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Icelandic Incest App - Hot pools

Icelandic Anti-Incest App

On April 19, 2013 by Tim Newman

Iceland has a population of 320,000 people which is roughly the same number as Wigan or Coventry, except they’re spread over 40,000 square miles. Iceland was a barren rock until a group of...

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How Do You Clean Your Teeth In Space?

On April 18, 2013 by Tim Newman

The International Space Station (ISS) has been plummeting round the Earth for more than a decade, spinning about the planet tens of times a day. Canadian astronaut Colonel Chris Hadfield was up there for a...

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