Bizarre North Korean Stamp Collection

On May 25, 2014 by Tim Newman


Seeing China celebrated on their stamps is less surprising than Charles and Di. They’ve always been mates to a lesser or greater degree.

North Korean Stamps - China - Exhibition of People’s Republic of China 1980

Chairman Mao looking drunk:



Here’s a celebration of Franz Joseph I, the emperor of Austria from 1848 until his death in 1916…

North Korean Stamps - Europe Success - Franz Joesf I

Henry VIII

North Korean Stamps - Europe Success - King Henry VIII 2


North Korean Stamps - Europe Success - Versaille

Fire Engines

North Korean Stamps - Fire Engines

First National Postal Conference, 1949


Monument To Command Post of the Poch’ŏnbo Battle

The Battle of Poch’ŏnbo took place on the 4 July 1937, when a guerrilla unit under the leadership of Kim Il-sung attacked compounds of the Japanese occupation force in Poch’ŏnbo. It’s seen as a heroic battle for DPRK.

North Korean Stamps - Monument to command post of the Pochonbo Battle

All music that’s released (and played) in North Korea is state sanctioned of course. One of their biggest folk/electronic bands is named after the battle. Enjoy the Pochonbo Electronic Ensemble:



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