Forbidden Photos From North Korea

On May 18, 2014 by Tim Newman

Initially this photo of people painting their street was allowed as it shows a nice sense of community. They ended up changing their minds because they didn’t want people to think it was forced labour.

North Korea Rare Deleted Photos - not forced labour

This man wasn’t properly dressed apparently:

North Korea Rare Deleted Photos - not well dressed

This pic was disallowed because the painting wasn’t yet finished:

North Korea Rare Deleted Photos - painting

The next shot shows a power cut in an art gallery which was blamed squarely on the “US embargo”.

North Korea Rare Deleted Photos - power cut

A mother and child relax on a bench. Nothing untoward. The North Korean officials thought they looked like they might be homeless, so it was deleted too.

North Korea Rare Deleted Photos - relaxing not homeless

People taking a break on their long journeys to work…

North Korea Rare Deleted Photos - resting

A woman hurriedly sorts out a man’s collar when she realises they are about to be photographed by a tourist…

North Korea Rare Deleted Photos - scruffy

The army and a man wearing his hat in an unconventional way…

North Korea Rare Deleted Photos - silly hat

Soldiers are often seen carrying out menial tasks…

North Korea Rare Deleted Photos - Soldier Menial

Soldier at rest. The North Korean official line is that soldiers never rest.

North Korea Rare Deleted Photos - soldier resting

Children rescue spilled corn…

North Korea Rare Deleted Photos - spilled corn

I think you’ll all agree that these are some pretty amazing snapshots of life in North Korea. They show just the tip of a very bleak, black iceberg. Pyongyang and the surrounding area are the showcase for North Korea but even in this most carefully monitored of places the truth bubbles violently under the surface.


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