Writing Prompts To Reverse Writers’ Block

On June 26, 2018 by Lazer Horse

I do a fair amount of writing as part of my day job — I know, it’s hard to believe that Lazer Horse doesn’t furnish me with a six-figure income.

Anyone who writes with any regularity is likely to find their brain getting sticky every once in a while. Stuck in a rut, the wheels spin but they can’t find any traction.

Writers block or that feeling that you are re-wording the same old tripe can be frustrating and cognitively waring.

It’s easy to become despondent in these situations but, recently, myself and my colleagues decided we would attempt to preemptively oil the wheels on a daily basis. Each morning, we complete a short writing challenge to blow away the cobwebs and soot.

Rather than pump them into the private ether of our office and leave them to die, I’ve decided to share them here; if you feel that your writing has grown stale, dank, or cumbersome, here we are (I will add to these as the weeks go by):

  • Write four sentences about the lettuce in the style of a medieval scribe.
  • You are a flower. Describe how it feels to be fed upon by a bee.
  • You have escaped from a concentration camp having spent 3 years in solitary confinement in a darkened room. It’s midday and you are lying on your back looking straight up. The sky above is entirely clear of clouds, contrails, planes, and birds. Describe what you see and feel in three sentences without repeating any words.
  • Describe the last thing you ate or drank as if you were a straight-laced, aging food critic who’d accidentally put LSD in his morning coffee thinking it was an artificial sweetener.
  • You are a creature from a distant gas planet. You are the first of your kind to visit earth. Unlike the creatures of earth, you and your kind consist only of gas and vibrational energy. On your planet there are no solid forms, just particles in constant motion. Describe a human to your colleagues back on your home planet in 3 sentences or less…
  • You are a Stone Age woman. In the village you inhabit, you are considered a witch doctor-type person. A child asks you why the sky is blue. What do you say?
  • While Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin were walking on the moon, one astronaut was left on the Apollo scpace craft alone — Michael Collins. Within the cramped confines of the ship, he careered through space for an entire lonely day. As he orbited the moon, he passed across the “dark side.” During this time, he could no longer see his home planet. He was the “loneliest man alive.” No human has ever been that far and that detached from his own kind and lived to tell the tale. Gimme three sentences describing how you would feel in that situation.
  • Imagine you were deep frozen in the great blizzard of 1891 and reanimated in 1976. In three sentences, describe punk rockers.
  • You are alone in the woods. You are naked. You have nothing but a pen and paper. You have no idea how you got here. Approaching on all sides are ravenous wolves, snarling and salivating. You have just a few seconds to write a note to those who find you. What does it say?
  • You are a one-year-old boy. Describe your first encounter with a poodle.
  • You are omnipresent. You are a God. You sit in a dimension parallel to humanity. You observe the planet below you from a distance of roughly 100 miles. To you, 1 day passes by in 1 second. Describe how the earth changes over the course of 1 year (365 seconds).
  • Last Friday you were stood on a bridge next to an obese man in his 60s. Below were two young boys huddled on the floor. Approaching at some speed was a mountain lion. You knew that if you pushed the obese man off the bridge, the animal would be distracted and the boys would be saved. After microseconds of moral confusion, you pushed the man off. The mountain lion ate the man with gusto, and the boys made their escape. Describe how you feel about your actions one week on.
  • You are a hot air balloon traveling at some speed hundreds of meters above the Mongolian Steppe. You have a minor puncture; discuss.
  • Write the most beautiful sentence you have ever written.
  • You are Satan. You have fallen in love for the first time. Who or what have you fallen in love with and why?
  • A few days ago you were a fat, hungry caterpillar. Everything went dark for a bit, and now you find yourself drying out on a tree trunk. You  are surprised to find that you have wings. How do you feel about this change of fortunes?
  • Congratulations! You’ve just joined a death metal band as lead vocalist. Write the first verse of your first track with the band.
  • Write an excerpt from a horror novel based on your life.
  • Write a 6 line poem about a table.
  • You are a hamster on a wheel in a cage alone. What thoughts get you through the day?
  • You are a leading scientist. Outline your most recent finding.
  • Describe the face of an elephant seal using fancy words and phrasing.
  • All of a sudden, the color blue is turned off by the Cosmic Overlords.  It is replaced by orange. Everything that was once blue is now bright orange. Pale blue – bright orange, dark blue – bright orange, pastel blue – bright orange. How do you feel about this. Write a brief message to the Overlords to let them know how you feel about this.
  • Today is your 110th birthday. Congratulations! What advice will you give your 20-year-old great-grandchild that you wish you had received at their age?





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