Top 5 Holiday Destinations in Asia

On September 27, 2016 by Joanne Haigh


Traveling is a popular pastime for many people, regardless of their gender or age. Some people are more casual travelers while others are professionals. One thing they have in common is that many of them select Asia as travel destinations given its diverse landscapes and cultures.


When the movie, “The Jungle Book” was released in 2016, there was renewed interest in visiting this country. National parks have become popular points of interest as they provide experiences observing the jungle animals in their natural habitats. Capitalizing on the movie release, a Jungle Book tour was created offering a 12 day vacation, visiting three of the main parks in the country.

Seoul, Korea

With its modern architecture, the city also keeps its heritage near and dear to its heart. Find monuments of Seoul’s history tucked into modern shopping districts and bustling nightlife sectors. Gyeongbok Palace is found just outside the city and is a popular point of interest.


Macau has surpassed Las Vegas in terms of being the world’s gambling hotspot. This has led many to include Macau on their travel itinerary, especially those who regularly play at online casinos from The Venetian Macau is not only the largest casino in Macau but the world. With an impressive 550,000 square foot casino floor, the selection of games is magnificent.


Vacationers wanting a beach experience will want to consider visiting Bali. This paradise has long been a top spot for honeymooners but it is now expanding its appeal. The landscape is rugged which appeals to nature lovers as well as those looking for some adventure. Ancient temples can also be found nestled in the forests.

Tokyo, Japan

This modern world capital can create an exciting holiday vacation. The city is a contrast of modern inventions and cultural venues. Outlying the city is a more tranquil environment complete with gardens and sacred temples. Consider making a trip to visit the Emperor’s Palace and Meiji Shinto Shrine.

For travelers wanting to take an Asian holiday, there are even more options.

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