The Only Bigfoot Trap In The World

On July 4, 2015 by Tim Newman

Bigfoot Trap Oregon

Deep in the in the Siskiyou National Forest in the southern part of Jackson County, Oregon lies a true one off. A genuine Bigfoot trap. It is considered to be the only one in the world, nay the Universe.

The Bigfoot, Yeti, Sasquatch, whatever you prefer is a mythical(?) beast, of which I am a huge fan. Say what you want, it’s not impossible that a larger than life hominid still roams the wildernesses of earth.

Some of you may have caught the recent TV documentary – Bigfoot Files – where various “Yeti” hairs were DNA checked and footprints analysed. All of them turned out to be bears or wolves or whatever. It was an enjoyable program and I can’t fault it. BUT. That doesn’t mean there isn’t a genuine one out there somewhere.

Bigfoot Trap Oregon - Tourists

Having said that, the Siskiyou Bigfoot trap has been in situ for 40 odd years and so far there’s been no luck in catching the big guy.

The trap, built in 1974 by the North American Wildlife Research Team (NAWRT), is a wooden box 10 x 10 feet made of 2×12 planks bound together by heavy metal bands and secured to the ground by telephone poles. The Bigfoot trap was built after Perry Lovell, a local miner, claimed to have found 18-inch-long human-like tracks in his garden.

If you’d like to visit the site, it’s near the Oregon / California border and these are the coordinates – 42.056567, -123.137233:

Bigfoot Trap - Map

So why hasn’t this trap caught a Bigfoot then? There are a few reasons why the trap has not been successful and I shall cling to these for dear life:

1) The NAWRT only left carcasses as bait for 6 years (catching only bears)

2) The area where the trap resides is no longer as remote as it used to be; after the building of a dam, a road now passes near by. This would, of course, frighten potential Bigfoot visitors.

3) This is the clincher – the trap has been locked open since 1980

Unfortunately the trap is now nothing more than a tourist spot. Perhaps that’s a good thing though. If a Bigfoot ever was to stumble into a trap and be caught, the newly found species would be in trouble. Every hick, hunter and charlatan would be rampaging through the wilderness with two things in mind: a) find and kill Bigfoot b) become rich.

If an individual Bigfoot ever was found I predict we would wipe the species out within a month.

Stay in hiding my hairy friends.





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