What Kind Of Creature Needs A Mouth Like This?

On November 16, 2014 by Lazer Horse

Leatherback Turtle mouth

Yes, it looks like the Sarlacc Pit of Return of the Jedi fame. What a mad looking mouth. What sort of a creature would carry around weaponry like that in its mouth and throat?

What kind of prey would a monster like this be chasing to require arming itself with this multitude of inward facing knives?

Have you guessed what it is? Have another look:

Leatherback vs Sarlacc Pit

The answer isn’t as obvious as it seems. Rows upon rows of swords lying neck and neck ready for a murderous killing spree. Who is the mystery beast?

Leatherback Turtle oesophagus

Here’s the oesophagus of the creature in question, the spikes go all the way down…

Leatherback Turtle oesophagus 2

Have you guessed what it is? Answer coming up…


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