Wedding Photos From Dagestan

On October 6, 2014 by Tim Newman

Wedding in Dagestan - munib wedding organiser

Just when you thought my topics couldn’t get any less middle of the road here I come straight back at ya with some photos of a wedding in Dagestan.

Dagestan is a republic of Russia that lies right down in the bottom left of their domain. It’s the most ethnically diverse of the Russian republics with no one ethnic group holding the majority. The largest ethnic groups are the Avar, Dargin, Kumyk, Lezgian, Laks, Azerbaijani, Tabasaran and Chechen most of which speak Caucasian or Turkic languages. Ethnic Russians only make up 3.6% of the population.

Unfortunately, since the 90’s Dagestan has seen low level Islamist insurgence. In fighting between the more secular Sufi and the Sharia loving Salafist teachers has caused beefs. Dagestan also suffers from the Chechnya disturbance as fighting spills over into their homeland. But for the sake of this post that is all irrelevant. The bottom line is, I found these pictures and I liked them, so once again you get the chance to see what sort of images I look at in the dead of night… Dagestan wedding pictures…

Wedding in Dagestan - village Wedding in Dagestan - traffic jam Wedding in Dagestan - traditional dancing Wedding in Dagestan - shotting into the air Wedding in Dagestan - play me a tune


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