North Korea Releases Human Rights Report About Themselves

On September 17, 2014 by Lazer Horse

Right Not To Be Subject To Torture

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un visits the newly built ski resort in the Masik Pass region

Now this one really is rich. American, Chinese, British and North Korean prisoners along with defecting prison guards and officials have all reported torture. I won’t bother to discuss torture at length here because there’s no need to try and prove it’s a fact, because it is a fact. Here’s a first hand account from a survivor if you want the grizzly detail. So yeah, as I said – rich…

It is strictly prohibited to intentionally torture, that is, to inflict pain upon humans and to treat and punish them in an inhuman and degrading manner, whether physical or mental. Torture is an act that forces humans to confess or make a statement by inflicting physical or mental pain upon them. This is the most barbaric act that violates personal rights of humans… Students in the institutes of training officials of law enforcements are educated in such a way that they fully ensure scientific accuracy objectivity and prudence in dealing with a case based on proper understanding of illegality and harmfulness of inhumane and degrading methods of interrogation and that they strictly abide by the principles of “Evidence First”

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