REVIEW: Black Tongue – Born Hanged

On June 15, 2014 by Tim Newman

Black Tongue - Born Hanged Review - cover art

Anyone who caught Black Tongue’s previous offering – Falsifier – will know that these fellas are no stranger to kicking things down the stairs. Born Hanged does not dissapoint. It’s clear that there’s been a bit more time and money splashed on it giving it a crushingly lush sound without losing any of that dirty, rusty edge.

These slowmo, down beat, drudge lords come from Hull, England and they’re not frigging about. They mean it. As soon as the first full track “Waste” kicks in, you know you’re going to have trouble sleeping.

Black Tongue - Born Hanged Review

There’s a lot of nice post production twinkles that raise the sound above other more generic deathcore outfits. They’ve got some touches of doom but without the chince, sludge without the laziness and hardcore without the windmilling. It’s a good mix.

I listened to Born Hanged as I went for a wander this afternoon; at one point during my onslaught drenched stroll I thought to myself “maybe it would be nice if they chilled out for a few bars?” Then I realised I was being a massive girl. So I cranked it up and did a little dance in the street right there and then.

Black Tongue - Born Hanged band

From start to finish the EP achieves what it sets out to (assuming they set out to make an EP that punches holes in your guts, hard and slow). From the short vocal intro track “Foreshadow” until the last thrashes of “Eclipse“, there’s no let up, no light, no play, no help. Get involved. It’s difficult to fully explain how heavy their sound is, so here’s a picture to assist you:

TIGER FIGHT - black tongue

I hope that helps. If not, here’s the video for the penultimate track off Born Hanged, “Coma” – that’ll put you in the picture:



Born Hanged is the second EP that Black Tongue have vomited out over the past 18 months. They’re getting big and they’re getting big fast. I guess that’s because they’re good. And feisty. And horribly down-tuned. And feisty some more.

Black Tongue - Born Hanged Review -vocals

If you’re lucky enough to live in Canada you can track these bad boys down next month on tour. They’ll be razing various venues to the ground for a laugh. If you’re not in Canada you can make do with these links for now:




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