WATCH: Superhero Cat Saves Kid From Vicious Dog

On May 15, 2014 by Tim Newman

Super cat saves boys life video

In my experience cats are ambivalent at best. Cats aren’t the kind of creature to jump in and save your life, they’re not even the kind of creature that would care if you died. A dog will save your life because it knows it’s an idiot and would starve without you. A cat, on the other paw, knows that if you don’t feed it, it will just wander off looking sexy and eat the neighbour’s cat’s food or catch its own supper.

But here’s a video of a cat jumping into the breach and saving a human’s life. It sounds like I’m over egging it, but I’m actually not. For once.

Watch this. We’re in Bakersfield California. The kid – Jeremy – is playing in his driveway, the neighbour’s naughty, peckish dog tries to drag him off the driveway like a souped up wolverine, Jeremy’s cat – Tara – is all like “oh no you ain’t”.




My opinion of cats has been slightly improved by this story. Only slightly mind you.

If that video’s got your brain juices jigging and you fancy watching more animal fights, here’s a whole bunch of photos and videos of beast on beast beef. Click the image below:

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