Japanese Movie Monsters: IMAGE COLLECTION

On December 29, 2013 by Tim Newman

Japanese Monsters - Film - Godzilla Fight

So I did a post about the anatomy of certain Japanese monsters earlier today and I must admit I got hooked. Whilst doing my “research” into Gamera I came across plenty of pictures of monsters from early Japanese horror/monster films. I just couldn’t stop looking for more, so I thought that seeing as they gave me so much pleasure you may as well have a look at them too.

So, I just trawled and trawled and trawled. I found websites dedicated to weird monster films, I found a Japanese site run by a nice fella that makes monster models. I also found a whole heap of Japanese monster related stuff that I just couldn’t keep to myself. It’s just so cool. End of story. And if you don’t enjoy looking at these pictures then there’s something insanely wrong with your brain bonce.

So this is the best of the best, the crème de la crème, the mutt’s nuts, the apex Azzuri of Japanese monster movie madness. First up…

Godzilla‘s Anatomy

Japanese Monsters - Film - Anatomy Godzilla

The Anatomy of Daimajin

Japanese Monsters - Film - Daimajin anatomy

.. and here’s Daimajin lookin’ fierce:

Japanese Monsters - Film - Daimajin

Poster for 9th Godzilla film: Destroy All Monsters

Japanese Monsters - Film - Destroy All Monsters

Ebirah vs Godzilla

Japanese Monsters - Film - Ebirah vs Godzilla large


Japanese Monsters - Film - Gamera

Here’s a picture of the mighty Barugon in a Kaijū-Kaijin Daizenshū movie monster book:

Japanese Monsters - Film - Ghidorah - Barugon 2 Japanese Monsters - Film - Ghidorah - Barugon 3

More monstrous incredibleness on the next page…


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