INTERVIEW: Alexey Pavlov – Photographer, St Petersburg

On December 29, 2013 by Tim Newman

Alexey Pavolov - Hann

I was perusing random profiles on Deviant Art the other day, looking for inspiration and not finding much. Then I happened upon Alexey Pavlov and was struck by his work. As many of you know, I don’t have much knowledge about art, photography or life at large but I know what I like.

I decided that rather than drivel on about how much I enjoyed his photographs, I would see if Alexey would agree to an interview. Thankfully he did. I’ve never done an interview before and I didn’t know what to ask, so apologies if my questions are a bit rubbish. Here’s what happened:

LH – How long have you been excited by photography and why did you start taking photos as art?

AP – I worked as a courier about a year ago, because of what i often walk around the city. It’s pretty boring if you do not look around. So i was looking around and seen something that i wanted to show someone else. Now i show.

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Alexey Pavolov - Wyte

LH – You live in St Petersburg? Is this where most of your photographs are taken?

AP – Yep. Yep. Even more to say, most of my photos are taken in one district.

Alexey Pavolov - Wels

Alexey Pavolov - Dist

LH – When you were young, what did you want to be your career?

AP – Hey, i’m still young, about 21 years young. 🙂 Well, i spent several years in college trying to become a programmer. Then i changed my mind and stopped getting education. Before that i wanted being a cook. Now i think it wasn’t bad idea.

Alexey Pavolov - Tric

LH – Your photos rarely show humans, is this a choice or by accident?

AP – I just don’t know how to shoot people. Perhaps soon will learn to.

Alexey Pavolov - Thing

LH – Your photography is beautifully cold, is your personality cold or are you a warm hearted person?

AP – Not quite sure what you mean. I think my pictures more likely not cold, but filled with loneliness. Loneliness of consciousness within the body.

Alexey Pavolov - Seat

LH – What is the strangest thing you have ever eaten? What is your favourite food?

AP – I have never eaten anything strange. Food can not be strange if it is really the food. But if we consider not only the food, the strangest thing that i ate is candle wax.

Alexey Pavolov - Rise

LH – Where is your favourite place in the world?

AP – My favorite place is outside of this world. In some sense. %)

Alexey Pavolov - Morn

LH – If you could change one thing about your personality what would it be?

AP – I can change more than one thing in my personality, and i’m constantly changing, trying to be better than I was. If i could change just one, i would not change anything.

Alexey Pavolov - Fog

LH – Do you play a musical instrument?

AP – Sometimes I create some noise on the guitar, nothing more.

Alexey Pavolov - Falling City

LH – What’s your favourite band?

AP – I’m listening so much of different music that there is no place for only one favorite band.

Alexey Pavolov - Equa

LH – Do you have any exhibitions or shows planned for your work?

AP – No, my pictures almost totally unneeded. You are the first who showed some keen interest.

LH – Well hopefully I am the first of many, thanks Alexey and keep up the good work.

If you want to see more of his work click here for Alexey Pavlov’s Deviant Art profile and his VK profile is here.

Alexey Pavolov - Downs

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