Awful Singing Reminds Me Why I Love The Internet

On October 4, 2013 by Tim Newman

Renee Carpenter - Worst Singing On YouTube

Yesterday I decided to write an article on tone deafness, or congenital amusia, then in the end I couldn’t be bothered to write it because there wasn’t much exciting stuff about it and/or I was feeling too lazy. I did do an online test to check whether I was tone deaf or not though, you can try the tone deaf test with this link.

It turns out I’m not tone deaf which is a relief. I didn’t actually score very highly on the test though which annoyed me. I was just above average. Stupid test.

Anyway, tone deafness isn’t that common, people often say they are but they’re not, they just can’t sing. So I set out to find a video of someone who actually is tone deaf singing on YouTube. I found a couple, but I wasn’t that excited about it and I couldn’t work out why? Then I realised it was because I thought of tone deafness as a mental impairment, so I felt too guilty to find it amusing. Maybe my soul isn’t all black, shriveled and charred after all!?

Viral Video Collection on Lazer Horse

Then, thankfully, I came across Renee Carpenter in the video below. She’s not tone deaf, she’s just awful and a little bit full of herself. Now, I know she’s quite young and we were all a bit full of ourselves back then, and I thank my lucky stars every day that YouTube didn’t exist when I was going through my gothic doom phase. But this is awful, and I want everyone to enjoy it.

Crank up the volume and sit up straight. It’s everything I hate about everything, all in one short, sharp snap-shot of a teenager’s lounge. Once she gets past the 2:30 mark, if you aren’t laughing really hard, you must be her Mum.


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