VIDEO: Lizards Waving To Each Other Mournfully

On September 11, 2013 by Tim Newman

Video of Bearded Dragon Lizards Waving viral

A video of two bearded dragons waving at each other tentatively from their respective glass cages. A simple and slightly mournful video. In my imagination they are brothers who have been separated due to their propensity to fight bitterly over insects; but now that they have been rent asunder it has become clear to them how fondly they love each other. Their hearts are broken.

The two brothers have also caught wind of a Chinese whisper from an axolotl that they’re soon to be shipped to separate houses on distant estates to be servants to new human masters for the rest of their days.

Lizards, as you may know, can’t actually speak English, or any other tongue for that matter. Their eyes also lack the complexity of emotive musculature that so easily belies a human emotion. These stony faced siblings can do nothing to relay the depths of their feelings for one another. They can but raise a shaking limb to send a wave through the ether.

They may never see each other again, but in their hearts they know that no apology needs to be said, no kiss needs to be given. They are forever brothers…..

Feel free to make your own story up though….


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