How Big Is A Wolf?

On September 5, 2013 by Lazer Horse

How Big Tall Is A Wolf - Hunters - Canada

How big is a wolf? It’s a tricky question to answer, because wolves vary in size by species and by location; so there’s not a solid answer. But, while trying to find some kind of average measurement, I did find out that there are some real monsters in Canada.

Wolves in colder northerly spots can be 3-6 times bigger than their cousins in the Middle East and South Asia. This follows Bergmann’s Rule which states that the closer to the poles you get, the bigger an individual in a species will be.

In general, a male gray wolf (the largest of the wolf species) averages at 43–45 kg (95–99 lb) and can hit 50-60 km/h on a clear run. The heaviest wolf ever killed was in the Ukraine after WWII, he tipped the scales at a feisty 86 kilograms (190 lb)! At that weight and speed, the gray wolf has been known to induce pant spoiling in humans.

Senses & Music

Unlike hunting dogs, a wolf’s sense of smell is pretty rubbish, so they rarely manage to sniff out hiding bunnies. To make up for their less than brilliant smell, they have better hearing than most dogs.

There’s an urban myth that wolves are scared of the sound of stringed instruments and this actually might have some basis in truth. Apparently, there have been occasions where captive wolves show signs of fear when listening to low minor cords. Strange but (semi) true.

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Wolf Intelligence

Although they haven’t been formally tested for IQ, wolves are generally considered to be pretty smart. There’s good evidence that they can tell the difference between an armed and an unarmed man.

In areas where wolves have been hunted by gunmen mounted in aircraft, they learn to avoid open spaces at the sound of aircraft. On the other side of the coin, during the great slaughtering of bison, the wolves of the great planes learned to seek out the sounds of gunshot. They would then wait patiently for the humans to skin the bison, wait for them to leave, then tuck in.

Pictures Of The Biggest Wolves

Anyway, here’s the biggest wolves I could find on the internet. Unfortunately, they’re all dead. I’m certainly not a fan of hunting as a sport, but then I don’t know whether they were hunting for fun or for the good of the local residents.

I shouldn’t judge really. Cows are pretty majestic, and I personally fund the hunting of them on a daily basis. So, here:

How Big Tall Is A Wolf - Hunters - drayton valley Alberta How Big Tall Is A Wolf - Hunters - Ice and snow

Animal Collection

How Big Tall Is A Wolf - Hunters caught one

Huge Idaho Wolf Massive Black Montana Wolf

How Big Tall Is A Wolf - Hunters Mexican Gray Wolf


Picture of Biggest Wolf Ever Picture of Biggest Wolf With Human Picture Of Biggest Wolf




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