VIDEO: Synchronized Mascot Dancing World Record

On August 15, 2013 by Lazer Horse

Synchronized Mascot Dancing World Record 2013 Japan

……where else but Japan? This all kicked off back in January 2013. I apologise that I haven’t brought it to your attention earlier, and I apologise if you’ve already seen it (although why you would click the link I don’t know, unless you thought the record had been broken again? If that’s the case then sorry.)

These Japanese mascots, known as yuru-kyara, managed to win the coveted title because less than 5% of the 141 mascots went out of sync this time. This was their third attempt, so I’m pleased that

a) they didn’t give up on their dreams

b) they have shown passion and honor in the face of adversity

c) they are dancing to a song called “The Beard Dance

d) they look like rainbow coloured plums.



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