Unexplained Underwater Sounds

On July 19, 2013 by Tim Newman

Unexplained Underwater Sounds - NOAA - Video Iceberg

A few months back I wrote an article about unexplained sounds from the deep for Sick Chirpse, to accompany it I made a little video featuring said sounds. I’d forgotten all about it until just a few minutes ago. I had a re-listen to the noises and they are still as brilliant as the day I heard them first. Simple and haunting.

Have a look/ listen. The sounds were recorded by the NOAA in the lovely and confusing oceans of planet earth. All recordings are sped up 16 times to make them audible. Icebergs? Kraken? Waddaya reckon?

The original article on Sick Chirpse is here if you want a few more deets.



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